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Artwork On Display At The Hub On The Docks

67559 Bluewater Highway, Bayfield, Ontario |

Winona Bailey is an artist, photographer and graphic designer who uses various mediums as an experiment to make theworld we see into art. Winona's focus is nature, landscapes, macro and still photos. With her anthropology background she uses her photography and art to explore humanity and the way the world is/was/will be by looking to the extremes and the in-betweens. As she says "I step, more like stammer, on the wayside and takes the path less travelled" finding herself along the way in my wanderings and rambling imagination. This is where her inspiration leads to photography and art as an outlet for the ponderances and stories that are never told, left unspoken for others to create. Take a step into the abstraction of Winona's world and view the interesting quirks revealed in the stories told by photos and artwork; finding the hidden secrets that are found along the way unfolding in front of your eyes.

2007-07-29 01.21.40.jpg
2010-07-30 16.59.21-2.jpg
2021-09-07, 9_25_36 AM.jpg
2021-09-07, 9_26_55 AM.jpg
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