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33961 Sunnyridge Road, Bluewater, Ontario

519-501-6356 |

Judy's love of pottery began 20 years ago with classes at Baden Creek Pottery. It was not long before she knew her future goal would be having a studio of her own when she retired. Sunnyridge, along the shores of Lake Huron is where her family found home and Judy's studio. It provides the perfect backdrop for creating and exploring the endless possibilities of clay. Her functional wares weave their way through her daily life, whether it be a mug and oatmeal bowl to start the day, a vase filled with flowers or a salad bowl while sharing a meal with family and friends.



When raising her sons there were many opportunities to volunteer in our school and community. Judy is most proud of creating The Spring Tulip Project in 2021. It connected the community through the tough times of COVID. Volunteer residents, both young and old, participated in hand building and painting 1500 tulips in celebration of Paint Ontario’s 25th Anniversary.


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