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7716 Clayton Street, Port Franks | | @jessnaturally

7710 Clayton Street, Port Franks, Ontario

I was born and raised in Grand Bend, so I have been very fortunate to always have the beauty of nature surround me. Growing up I'd always escape to the bush behind our house or to the beach. Time in nature can offer an escape from reality and really boost a sour mood. I'd definitely say that nature has always been my inspiration. 

My children have truly brought a new direction to my art and photography. How they can find magic in the ordinary. I love watching their faces light up with joy and wonderment at things that I would normally just walk past.


Just like the seasons, my art changes and evolves over time. I love getting inspired by different ideas, trying new mediums and different techniques to further my craft. At the moment, I am focusing on the intricate details of nature in photography, creating copper electroformed jewellery from beach stones, making relief prints and cyanotype prints from treasures found in nature. 

I hope my work showcases even a little of the majesty that is our natural world. From a tiny raindrop to mountainous landscapes, nature is vast and intricately different, but still beautiful nonetheless. Because the natural world has played such a huge role in my art, I always pride myself on being very eco-conscious and attempting to use environmentally friendly products where ever I can. I would love to keep this world magnificent and beautiful for our future generations.

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