Application Form

We are excited to announce the 2022 Fall Arts, Eats & Beats Studio Tour will be held on Saturday September 18th and Sunday September 19th, 2022 and we invite you take part! The tour footprint includes Grand Bend, Port Franks, Parkhill, Ailsa Craig, Exeter, Hensall, Zurich, St. Joseph, stops along the Bluewater Highway (21) and Bayfield.

If you wish to participate in the 2022 Arts, Eats & Beats Studio Tour, please complete the following application form and remit payment of $75.00 by August 12th, 2022 in order to be included in the marketing, advertising and social media campaigns for the event.

Note: anyone that took part in the 2022 Spring Tour is only asked to pay $25.00.

Please complete the following application form to take part in the 2022 Fall Arts, Eats & Beats Tour.

For the 2022 Fall Tour, in order to cover costs and ensure all materials arrive in time, please select which printed material you wish to receive along with signage.

Note these costs are over and above the application fee.

Printed Items Costs:
Signage Costs:

*Signs will become yours to keep and used for future tours.
** The sign does not need to be returned.
*** If the sign or stand is damaged we will replace at no cost. 

Thank you for submitting!